Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cross Processing Color Guide

As mentioned in my previous blog, different brands of slide film give out different colors when cross processed. Below is a guide to some of the more popular brands. This list was taken from Stephen Schaub’s Figital Revolution. Consider using this list to determine the proper color film for your photographic needs.


  • Velvia 50 – Green
  • Velvia 100- Rich magenta
  • Velvia 100F- Emphasizes reds
  • Fujifilm Fujichrome 64T – Gold/green
  • Sensia 100- Magenta with bright green cast
  • Sensia 200 – Green/ Blue
  • Sensia 400 – Green
  • Provia 100 – Green
  • Provia 100f - Cyan
  • Provia 400F – Green
  • 400x – Greenish but with a great bump in contrast and very fine grain


  • Kodak Elitechrome 100 – Green with a hint of cyan
  • Kodak Elitechrome 200-Green with a blue shift, saturated colors
  • Kodak Elitechrome 400 – No color shift, saturated color
  • E100VS - Greenish
  • E100 G – No color shift, saturated color with contrast boost
  • E 100GP – No color shift, saturated color with contrast boost
  • Kodak Ektachrome 64T - Blue


  • Agfa Precisa CT 100 – No color shift, saturated colors with strong contrast boost.



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  1. Good guide, thanks, but, are you considering expired film also? Does it change when the fils expire?